The multi-particle range MEGA-JUNIOR is of high digestibility and palatability. It is especially designed for growing foals from breastfeeding to the age of one and a half.

MEGA-JUNIOR has been designed to cover all the needs of the foal.



Dehydrated rye-grass, oats, dehydrated Alfalfa, flakes of barley, wheat bran, cereal straw, dried carob pods, molasses (sugar) beet, calcium carbonate, mono-calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, oil and vegetable fat (linseed), magnesium oxide.

Feeding Advice

To be used as a complement to natural breastfeeding before weaning and as single feed after it. Supply in variable amounts depending on age and growth rate. It is recommended to distribute the feed in three minimum separate daily intakes, with fresh, clean water.

Keep in cool, dry, and free of rodents. Protect from direct sunlight.


Rectangular 58x52x40 40 kg bales for easy storage and handling. The product is pressed and hermetically sealed and packed for optimal preservation.

Maintain in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Nutritional Values